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                                                                      Orchard settings


On this page, we will list the planned MCM GreenMan Eco Homestay Hubs we have planned.

We will list:

  • Location
  • Features
  • Proposed Timeline
  • Status of Project
  • Status of Investment Syndicate

This will give you the opportunity to see which Hub Syndicate you would prefer to join. Of course, you can always join more than one syndicate and you can buy more than one Syndicate Memberships in  the same Hub:)


Hub Development Template

To maintain high quality and consistency, and to reduce costs of development, each Hub will include the following components:

  • Locations chosen for natural beauty and visitor convenience

  • Land Owners agree to T & C

  • 10 x fully Off-Grid Single Module Chalets (200 sq ft each)

    • Chalets will have similar layouts but the external facades and roof design will reflect the local environment

  • Renewable Energy Systems for each Chalet

  • Rainwater harvesting and filtration system for each  Chalet

  • Bacterial toilet and hygiene system for each Chalet

  • Landscaping to suit the environment

  • Community Facilities for Guest Use

  • Carpark


                                  Jungles                                                                                                     Waterfalls


Basics of Hub Syndicate Membership

We have kept all Hubs, Hub Syndicates and Membership terms the same, so what you see below applies for all Hub investments:

  • Maximum 10 syndicate member Limited Partners per HUB LLC

  • Investment of RM1,00,000 per member

  • LLC has initial value of RM1.2M

  • Each Syndicate Member receives 8.5% equity 

  • Land Owner receives 10% equity

  • MCM Greenman Group receives 5% equity

  • MCM GreenMan Group manages property (not mandatory, LLC can arrange own management company)

  • Syndicate arranger receives 5% of funds raised as commission (example: full raising of RM1M, arranger receives RM50K)

  • Target dividend per annum is 20%

  • Target full investment return period for Syndicate members is 5 years

  • Potential exits for LLC equity holders include own-sale or an exit via a Portfolio Exit Plan (PEP) we will arrange in the future.


Contact Dennis or Redza to join one of the Hub Syndicates - contact details below


Hub Opportunities

Opportunity 1: Bentong


  1. Status: Pending Local Authority meeting
  2. Bentong town area
  3. High homestay demand in area
  4. 2/3 acre
  5. Pictures (coming)


Opportunity 2: Penang


  1. Status: Pending Land Owner Agreement
  2. Penang Island area
  3. High homestay demand in area
  4. 2 acre
  5. Pictures (coming)



Contact Us now for Syndicate Details and the Investors Memorandum

Dennis McMahon CEO, MCM GreenMan Group Sdn Bhd

Ph: +60169839715

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Faidz Redza, Marketing Director, MCM GreenMan Group Sdn Bhd

Ph: +60123828445

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

W: www.mcmgreenmangroup.com / www.gbjvt.com