Welcome to the MCM GreenMan Modular Building System website

(for single Tiny Home Modules and for multi-module projects)


The MCM Greenman Modules are based on the GreenMan Tiny Home prototype built by Matthias "GreenMan" Gelber and the GreenMan Tiny Home Prototype Team.

The GreenMan Modules give you Your Freedom!

  • Freedom from utility bills
  • Freedom from clutter
  • Freedom from the day to day drudgery of working long hours - to pay for a big house you hardly use
  • Freedom to choose how YOU want to live YOUR life


Matthias is focused on the Education Programme surrounding the GreenMan Tiny Home because he wants Malaysians to learn from the tiny home - the principles, the materials and the design - and change the way that we live.​

For more information on the GreenMan Tiny Home Education Programme, (Roadshow coming soon!), you can go to www.greenmantinyhome.com

But we (the GreenMan Tiny Home Production Team, who have helped Matthias and the Architect Designer build the prototype), know that many people and organisations are interested to learn how you can have  a Tiny Home Module  for your own use.


So we have partnered with Max Capital Management

and others to create MCM Greenman Group Sdn Bhd

Designed to Build Eco and Green 


So maybe you've seen the GreenMan Tiny Home prototype on FB or the Greenman Tiny Home website (or maybe in one of the many newspapers - or heard Matthias GreenMan on radio or TV  stations- and now you want one, right? (Everybody does!)

The GreenMan Tiny Home Production models (now called the MCM GreenMan Modular Building System or "Greenman Modules" for short:)  are based on that prototype - but with the improvements that we learned from the prototype.

So whether you want to use your GreenMan Modules for:

  • A convenient home for an elderly parent (in your own backyard, so you can keep an eye out - but still leave them with their independence)
  • A starter home for your children who have just started working
  • Eco Retirement villages
  • Eco Homestays
  • An eco chalet
  • GreenMan Eco Workers Camps
  • A site office
  • A weekender for your kampung land
  • A meditation unit
  • Display unit for your products
  • Affordable home
  • or any other reason you can explain to your wife (or husband or boss:) why you really, really , really need one

- we can help.

The MCM GreenMan Modules Team understands that, while the principles of the GreenMan Tiny Home (off grid, movable sustainable materials, eco-efficient design) are available for you to use - that doesn't mean everybody can build their own right?

So, to make it easy, talk to us here at MCM GreenMan Group.

We can show you the basic Tiny Home module, explain the benefits and features - and even how you can customise the internal configurations and the external facade to suit your requirements.

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